Lease Oxygen Cylinders in Lubbock, TX

Help your patients breathe easy

Most doctor's offices don't own the oxygen cylinders they keep on hand. Turn to Lubbock Oxygen Inc. to lease oxygen equipment in Lubbock, TX. We supply cylinders and regulators to keep you in compliance with state regulations. We also lease oxygen concentrators to maintain steady air flow for residents of nursing homes.

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3 good reasons to lease your oxygen equipment

3 good reasons to lease your oxygen equipment

Do you need medical grade oxygen equipment for your medical facility? Call Lubbock Oxygen Inc. to find out about lease and rental options. You should consider leasing your equipment because:

  1. You won't have to commit to purchasing bulky equipment.
  2. You can utilize just the number of oxygen cylinders as you need.
  3. You won't need to worry about disinfecting cylinders between uses.
We also offer our 24/7 assistance with the oxygen cylinders we lease in Lubbock, TX. Call Lubbock Oxygen Inc. today to make an appointment.